We’re finding gratitude in our daily lives and regarding our possessions in a new light during a time of isolation.

Jaye Buchbinder | Product Development Engineer, Emeco

Venice, CA

Shells Collection: These discarded abalone shells from old diving excursions hold my coins that go unused after international travel as well as a multitude of knick knacks. It’s a good reminder of adventure, especially right now- and really how the whole world is going through this at the same time.

My window: I live in a small apartment without much daylight, but have these windows next to my bed that attract all sorts of wildlife. As a ornithologist, I love looking out to see goldfinches, warblers, and hummingbirds- not to mention squirrels and possums. It makes me feel like I am not living in the heart of Venice.

My Fishy! (Grossly deemed the Snotrocket due to color and speed). The surfboard industry is notorious in terms of the contradiction of their environmental detriment- foam and fiberglass are not good for the environment. This board I bought used from a local surf shop, and love it so deeply. Being able to use previously owned items really reduces environmental impact and adds a previous life to the object.

Imperfect Produce: I use this service called Imperfect Produce that works with local farms and food suppliers to deliver goods that would otherwise be considered waste because they don’t meet supermarket standards. Think: lumpy avocados, too small of apples, etc.. The weekly delivery during this time of restraint, feels like an affordable luxury that brightens my day.

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