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Actress Lisa Edelstein, known for her film roles and TV shows House and Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce, at the Japanese mid-century home in Silver Lake where she lives with her husband, the renowned artist Robert Russell.

“I love Craftsman houses. There’s something about their lines which are Japanese and I love mid century furniture. I love wide open spaces, lots of windows. LA can be a very isolating city so having a view was important. I wanted it to feel like a private place, but not so isolated that I would be afraid.”

The house is a refuge from the bustling activity of Silver Lake, and Los Angeles in general. The tall pine trees, together with the shards of blue water in the reservoir glimpsed through the greenery, form a scene reminiscent of a mountain resort. On the far horizon, the freestanding letters of the Hollywood sign look like a signpost to a distant land. 




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