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Architect, artist and filmmaker, Irwin Miller, takes us on a magical tour of a creative home located in Laurel Canyon.

Into the grand canyon of light.

Laurel Canyon is a magical neighborhood steeped in film and music history. Unlike other nearby canyon neighborhoods, Laurel has one single line of homes all the way to Mulholland, with branch streets jetting off famous Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Excellent local elementary school, cozy vibrant art community and quiet private streets, make Laurel Canyon one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Video by Irwin Miller

  • Renaissance man, Irwin Miller and his charming wife, Heidi Miller, craft an inviting home full of art, texture, color, and space to spark the imagination and foster creativity....

  • Their lush home in the hills is a serene environment for JENNIFER JOHNSON and JEFF TIMON to exercise their screenwriting talent, whilst also creating a seamless space for entertaining, both indoors and outdoors....

  • MALLIKA CHOPRA (daughter of DEEPAK CHOPRA) finds inner balance and comfort within the structure of her Santa Monica family home....

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