About This Project

Architect, artist and filmmaker, Irwin Miller and his family help their friends, Meeno and Ilse, raise the roof of their amazing Yurt at Skyfarm.

Video by Irwin Miller

  • Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Teddy and Nika is like a culinary amusement park. Our favorite filmmaker, Irwin Miller, highlights the cornucopia of friends, food and wine during this magical holiday feast....

  • Renaissance man, Irwin Miller and his charming wife, Heidi Miller, craft an inviting home full of art, texture, color, and space to spark the imagination and foster creativity....

  • Their lush home in the hills is a serene environment for JENNIFER JOHNSON and JEFF TIMON to exercise their screenwriting talent, whilst also creating a seamless space for entertaining, both indoors and outdoors....

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